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Moon Mars and Beyond

Moon Mars and BeyondIn Moon, Mars, and Beyond students are organized into five planet teams to help NASA locate and rescue a lost spaceship that is orbiting one of the outer planets. Each team consists of cargo, navigation, and transmissions specialists. The cargo specialists calculate the number of days for a roundtrip to their planet and the amount of food, water, and oxygen needed for the rescue trip. The navigation specialists will plot coordinates to help get some location information on the lost spaceship. The transmissions specialists decode messages that give them clues about the location of the spaceship over the last five days. All teams work together using information they receive to determine where the lost ship is located. The communications team relays all information to mission control so that a rescue ship with all the loaded cargo can be launched from our base on Mars to that planet. Your class will locate and rescue the lost ship.


Grades: 3-5

Subjects: math, language arts, science

Standards: X-Y graphing, graph interpretation, team problem solving, math in everyday life, multiplication (using units), objects in the solar system

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